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Elements of the main window

Main menu:

File menu:

  • New CNC File – create new CNC file window
  • Open CNC File – open existing CNC file (see also: General settings - CNC file extensions)
  • Save CNC File – save opened CNC file
  • Save CNC File as – save opened CNC file as...
  • Close CNC File – close active CNC file
  • Page setup – standard page setup dialog for paper format and paper margin settings
  • Print preview – preview CNC file before print
  • Print – print active CNC file
  • Print All Open CNC Files
  • Recent File List – contains list of recently used files
  • Exit – Exit application

Edit menu:

  • Undo – unlimited undo
  • Redo – redo last change
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete – standard text editing functions
  • Select All – select all CNC code in active file
  • Find/Replace – open find/replace dialog
  • Flip rows – flips rows of selected CNC code (1st row becomes last, last becomes 1st)
  • To Uppercase – change selected CNC code to upper case
  • To Lowercase - change selected CNC code to lower case
  • Go to line... – select line to jump to
  • Highlight X Words – toggles highlighting of X words in CNC code
  • Highlight Y Words – toggles highlighting of Y words in CNC code
  • Highlight Z Words – toggles highlighting of Z words in CNC code

View menu:

  • Standard Toolbar – toggles visibility of standard toolbar (with buttons New, Open, Save...)
  • CNC Tools Toolbar – toggles visibility of toolbar with CNC specific functions
  • Status bar – toggles visibility of status bar
  • Small Icons – display small icons on toolbars
  • Large Icons – display large icons on toolbars

Insert menu:

Modify menu:

Simulation menu:

Tools menu:

Window menu – contains standard windows arrangement options (Cascade, Tile Vertical, Tile Horizontal, Maximize All) and list of all open documents

Help menu – contains "Online help" and "About" menu items, and "Enter registration key" menu item if application is not registered

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