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Edit machine – Comments and block renumbering

Edit CNC machine - Comments and block renumbering

In this section define:

  • Comment characters (put comment start character in left box and comment end character (if any) in right box, then click on "Add" button)

For block renumber options you can set:

  • Format of block number (N, /N, :, /: )
  • Start number for renumbering (default: 5)
  • Step between block numbers (default: 5)
  • Number of leading zeros (default: 1) – e.g. 4 formats block number like "N0005")
  • Add number for non-numbered blocks – check to add numbers to all blocks if do not exists
    • Do not number blocks start with comment – check to skip comments block when renumbering
    • Do not number blocks starts with – define first characters of blocks that do not need numbers (separate characters with commas)
    • Number of spaces after block number (default: 1 space)
  • Max. block number - defines max. block number your machine supports
    • Do not change block with this number – if checked, block with this exact number in not renumbered
    • Restart numbering after block with this number – if checked, when max. number is reached, numbering starts from the first block number (default: 5)
  • Restart at lines starting with – define start block characters where numbering is restarted
  • When max. block number is reached – renumbering can be restarted or error can be raised

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