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General settings

In this dialog you can set general application options:

Application fonts – you can select display and printed font type and size. Bold, italic and underline attributes of fonts depends on syntax coloring settings.
General settings - fonts

File extensions – add or remove extensions of your CNC files, and set default one
General settings - File extensions

Interface and syntax colors – choose predefined color configuration for syntax coloring or create and save a new one. See results in preview area.
General settings - Interface and syntax colors

Paths to folders – all application folders are under main application folder, but  if you work in small team, you can move e.g. folder "ToolDatabase" or "Machines" (under tkCNC Editor installation folder) somewhere on a shared drive for team use, and set path to that folder here.
General settings - Paths


External tools – if you want quick access to your other application trough "External Tools" menu in tkCNC Editor, you can set paths to EXE files of that applications. Additionally, you can send currently opened filename to external application trough command line.

General settings - External tools

Miscellaneous – set other application settings (You can enter your name and initials for smart templates and printing, and you can set default machine for new CNC programs)
General settings - Miscellaneous


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