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3D rotation

CNC code 3D rotation

Use this powerful option to rotate selected path around any axis in 3D space.
Select part of code you want to rotate and start this dialog.
You can set:

  • Rotation axis (X, Y, Z axis or custom vector and rotation center point)
  • Angle of rotation (positive for CCW direction, negative for CW direction)
  • Arc interpolation precision. All arc moves are broken into linear moves with a given precision.
  • You can leave original code and generate several copies of rotated path

Check selected options in the preview area on the right.
Click OK to change selected code.

Note: CNC code is formatted according to currently selected machine settings. Do not select CNC code with various G and M preparatory commands other than G0, G1, G2, G3, G90 ,G91, S, F, M3, M4 because these commands will not be (re)generated in new code.

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