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CNC program simulation/verification

CNC program simulation/verification

Click on "Simulate" icon to start simulation/verification of selected part of CNC code or complete CNC program.
Elements of tkCNC Editor Simulation Window are:

  • Main menu
  • Toolbar with buttons: Start, Stop, Back, Forward and Rewind,  icon with spindle state, and simulation speed slider (slide on the right for faster animation)
  • 6 tabs on the left side of window
  • Simulation view on the right side of window. In simulation view current tool position and machining time are displayed

Main menu contains:

  • Toolpath menu – contains commands for simulation manipulation (Start/Stop simulation and jumps back and forward)
  • View menu:
    • Scene light – select between three modes of scene lighting
    • Focus on tool tip – change scene focus on a tool tip and back to toolpath center if unchecked
  • Tools menu:
    • Import simulation settings from... – enables you to copy all simulation setting from another already simulated CNC program (Parts, defined tools, work offsets and simulation settings from "Setup" tab)
    • Export to DXF – currently displayed toolpath can be exported in DXF file for other uses.
  • Help menu

On the left side of the window, tabs contain:

  • CNC Program – simulated code is displayed with current block executed
  • Parts – setup up to four parts for simulation (STL or DXF)
  • Tools – setup tools for currently simulated program
  • Work offsets – define work offsets for currently simulated program
  • Setup – various simulation options (how tool and toolpath are displayed)
  • Jog – when simulation is stopped, tool can be moved in JOG mode

JOG tab

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