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Export to DXF

In 3D simulation window you can use option "Tools/Export to DXF…" to save currently displayed toolpath in standard format for drawing exchange (DXF)

Export G-code to DXF
In this dialog set:

  • Export view – choose one of six main views (Top, Front, Left, Right, Back or Bottom)
  • "Different layers and colors" – if checked, different layers will be created in DXF file for different feedrates or tools (depending on simulation settings)
  • "Suppress 3rd coordinate" – if checked,  DXF file will be "flat" (XY values only)
  • "Export to temporary file and open in associated application" – if checked, DXF will be saved in temporary folder and opened automatically, otherwise, you can select filename to save to.

See also: CNC program simulation/verification


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