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Q: When I start tkCNC Editor this error occurs:

No net framework

A: Please, install Microsoft .NET Framework from download section


Q: When I start 3D Simulation or Tool Editor this error occurs:

No Access Database Engine

A: Please, install MS Access Database Engine from download section


Q: Is there any support for multiple tabs?

A: tkCNC Editor is full MDI application. You can open multiple files and switch between them by CTRL-TAB, or sort them with window menu options.


Q: Are there other language versions of tkCNC Editor?

A: No, for maintenance reasons, tkCNC Editor ver. 3 is only available in English.


Q: Can you provide some custom scripts for special purposes?

A: Send your request for evaluation. It is possible to incorporate some special scripts in tkCNC Editor interface.


Q: My rotational axis is not simulated. What can I do?

A: Try to add/change axis letter for your machine rotary axis in Edit CNC Machines/Edit Machine/Control Options section


Q: I need 4 digits for numbers, but all numbers are rounded with 3 digits.

A: Go to Simulation/Edit CNC Machines/Edit machine/Units and number format. Set No. of decimals to 4. (This setting is valid for selected machine)

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