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Advanced Mirroring

Advanced mirroring of CNC code

 Use this powerful option to mirror XYZ code in any of the 3 main planes, and around any axis or line in that plane.

Select mirroring plane (default XY) and mirroring line (X,Y,Z axis, or custom line – define two 2D coordinates).

Check option "Leave original code" if you want to leave selected code intact and mirror path added below.

Check selected options in the preview area on the right.

Click OK to change selected code.

Note: CNC code is formatted according to currently selected machine settings. Do not select CNC code with various G and M preparatory commands other than G0, G1, G2, G3, G90 ,G91, S, F, M3, M4 because these commands will not be (re)generated in new code.

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