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Cartesian to polar conversion

CNC code Cartesian to polar conversion

Use this powerful option to convert path from Cartesian coordinates (XYZ code) into polar movements. Output registers are dependent of currently selected machine settings.
You can set:

  • Plane (default is XY for vertical machines, and ZY for horizontal machines)
  • Table center point (if it's not in toolpath zero)
  • Conversion type – interpolates polar points or just converts endpoints. If you select first option, all linear and arc movements are interpolated with polar moves with a given precision.
  • Convert feedrate in deg/min – linear feedrate will be converted to degrees/minute for each polar move
  • Start from angle zero – first calculated polar angle will be set as angle 0

Click OK to change selected code.

Note: CNC code is formatted according to currently selected machine settings. Do not select CNC code with various G and M preparatory commands other than G0, G1, G2, G3, G90 ,G91, S, F, M3, M4 because these commands will not be (re)generated in new code.

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