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Simulation window – Setup tab

CNC program simulation - setup

On setup tab in simulation window you can set how tools and tool path in simulation are displayed.
You can set:

  • "Tool orientation" (A,B and C) – if tool is not in default orientation for selected machine you can rotate it (For a lathe machines use Tool setup angle under Tools tab)
  • "Rotate coordinate system with a tool" – when checked, whole toolpath is rotated with a tool
  • "Display tool" – toggles tool visibility in simulation
  • "Display toolpath of tool center" – toggles visibility of tool center path (visible when G41 or G42 are used)
  • "Display tool diameter at end points" – when checked, circle representing assigned tool diameter is displayed at each move end point
  • With "Toolpath coloring" select one of five toolpath coloring modes:
    • Simple rapid/feedrate coloring (default)  - rapid and machining moves are displayed with different colors
    • Different color for each tool – toolpath of each tool is colored by set tool color
    • Different color according to feedrate – toolpath is colored according to feedrate value in CNC code (See also: Edit machine – Toolpath colors in 3D simulation)
    • Only machining moves – only G1 (G2/G3) moves are displayed
    • Only rapid moves – only G0 moves are displayed
  • Part intersection – select this option to enable machining part intersection view (select plane type and distance from center)

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