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Edit machine – Spindle and feedrate

Edit CNC machine - Spindle and feedrate settings

In this section define:

  • Default spindle mode –  G96 or G97 (typically G96 is default for lathes)
  • Maximal spindle/table speed – max. rounds per minute
  • How maximal speed is defined in CNC program (with G50, G92 or LIMS)
  • S factor – some machines require S defined with more decimals (e.g. S1000 for 100 rpm, in this case S factor is 10)
  • Default feedrate mode – units per minute or units per revolution
  • Feedrate per minute - can be set by G94 or G98
  • Feedrate per revolution - can be set by G95 or G99
  • Tool change time in seconds – used for total machining time calculation
  • Average rapid speed for linear axes – approximate max. speed of all linear axes of selected machine (used in machining time calculation)
  • Average rapid speed for rotary axis – approximate max. speed of rotary axis of selected machine (used in machining time calculation)

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