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Edit machine – Control option

Edit CNC machine - Control options

In this section you can define various options dependent of machine control:

  • G movement commands (G0, G1, G2, G3)
  • Circular radius command (how arc radius is defined in G2 and G3 moves)
  • Incremental and absolute modes
  • Mode for I, J and K registers for circular movements (older machines use absolute mode)
  • Tool radius compensation mode (older machines use format e.g. G41 D10 to start tool radius compensation and G41 D00 to turn it off)
  • Default plane (in most cases G17 for milling machines, and G18 for lathes)
  • Main axis registers (default X,Y,Z)
  • Additional axis for Z (some machines use W axis)
  • Rotary axis – define register for rotary axis, if any, and define direction of rotary axis
  • Rotary axis value limits – define if machine has infinite or limited rotary movement
  • Ignore coordinates in block with G4 – if you use X register for G4 command this X will be ignored
  • Spindle direction numbers (M3, M4, M5)
  • View orientation (for 3D simulation):
    • View vertical axis – define vertical axis for a machine (e.g. Z for vertical mills, Y for horizontal mills...)
    • Default view – select default view on a scene when 3D simulation is started (Top, Front, Left, Right, Back, Bottom or Isometric)
    • Top view orientation – defines how scene in 3D simulation is oriented according to top view

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